The machine asks you to enter the previous software version. Transmit with the standard protocol 1: Verify the pages of the document are not stuck together from glue, wet or damp correction fluid, tape, etc. This contrast level setting is only in effect for the transmission mode. Press [Enter] to reset the Transfer roller replacement counter. Scanner cover is close 1: Should be connected to a power source that is rated to machine specifications.

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This switch is effective murwtec European version models only. If desired, the All RAM Clear setting can be used to erase all user programmed information, all documents in memory, and reset the Memory switches and Unique switch parameters to factory defaults.

The machine uses the distance from DS2 to the scan wait position and the diameter of the feed roller to determine the number of rotations necessary to feed the document to the scan wait position.

Muratsc the autodialer number. Too Many Locations You tried to enter too many numbers for a broadcast. To notify the user of an error, a check message can be printed if a communication error occurs.

Detect paper jam Show the internal temperature of machine. Set the paper size of F4-sized paper. Check the number of rings is set to answer on. Clean using a lintfree cotton cloth moistened with a cleaning solution designed for on rubber rollers.


Copying Smoothes the data scanned in each resolution mode. When the Heater Lamp is not turned OFF even if the Thermistor detects a high temperature malfunction, the thermostat shuts down the power to the heater lamp. 800-279-4979

Insure the unit is in the Fax Ready mode. Poor line conditions made communication impossible. Should not be exposed to direct sunlight 9. Away from areas where chemical fumes or gasses are generated or may collect.

Recording paper did not exit the paper cassette properly or jam occurred in the print area. Invalid Number You pressed a key that has no function during the current operation. Wait for the fax to finish printing, then try again. Set correct sized paper or change the paper size setting.

The fax number may be up to 20 characters in length. Is there paper in the paper cassette? You can enter up to autodialer numbers and up to 30 numbers entered through the numeric keypad.

As each button on the keypad is pressed, a representative name as show in the following table will be displayed. Check message prints after attempting transmission. Verify that the recording paper conforms to ff360 type specified for use in the machine and that it has not been damaged or exposed to moisture. Time out error When the above errors occur, turn off the power switch, confirm the cable connection and the ROM placement, and then perform from step 1 again.


In case the light intensity along the length of the scanner lamp is not uniform, shading compensation is provided to ensure even illumination.

Muratec F Specifications |

Wait for the fax to complete the scan, then re-try the desired command. Be f36 not to put your hand between the top cover and the machine.

Please refer to the following table. Suggested corrective actions should be performed in order as listed. In this case, increase the delay before the post-message is transmitted. No Number Stored You selected an autodialer, batch box or F-Code box number for which there is no fax or phone number programmed. Determine the correct call group identifier number and enter it, instead. Replace the rollers if worn or muratex.