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Extremely frustrated with HP customer Service,. Never ever HP again!!! I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the drivers…. Just let you know i got in touch with HP today and they said my laptop did qualify as one that had the problem and they are sending a box to send it back They said there be no charge to repair. The warranty is still valid because like I said earlier the laptop is only about a month old. Next ones will be MACS.

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I am now having problems with the thing shutting of on its own. Do not power off your computer!

HP Recovery Disk: Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

When my HP Pavillion dv was 6 months old the screen went blank and the notebook just beeped. I believe this maybe a hardware problem. I just bought a DV computer last week. So I called them and did some basic cp with them on the phone. So, to summarize, this computer is on its third motherboard, and the board is busted again.

Did your problem resolve. Geek Squad and another local computer repair shop said buy a xxp computer or replace the mother board.

Shortly after the end of my warranty dvcentrino duo I had a hibernation cycle problem; as a result I had to get our IT guy to re-install XP and old programs. But the next time i tried turning it on. It has been the rude behaviour of the tele-caller from Rt Outsourcing Services Ltd; Kolkata, India who always comes out with lame excuses on being asked that when will I get the delivery of my product which has compelled me to approach in this way.


I have the issue with the motherboard not working. They told me they will send me a box so I would send them the laptop and they should fix it replace it in days. If anyone can tell something about it, i would appreciate it.

This is a fluke. Unfortunately that was not the end of my problems, HP replaced my motherboard with another faulty motherboard. After receiving the laptop back from repair, worked for about 3 months then broke completely. It was finally fixed, and i took it home, only to see that, every time i turned it on, it turned of.

Unfortunately neither my LCD display or an external monitor will show any picture, meaning I am unable to back anything up.

HP Recovery Disk: Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Over the last couple of months, my power on button has stopped working, so i turn it on by pressing the quikplay button and then clicking on the windows button. But no picture happened. They were ready to setup the warranty service, but then they realize that the model in question was a Canadian model, and that I would have to phone HP Technical Support.


I live in Indonesia. According to HP, they have already serviced my computer under the one time repair, therefore my computer no longer qualifies for this fix. HP users with Windows 7 installed can create their recovery disk by following this set of instructions. When I tried to run the game the video is very shaky, slows, and makes the game impossible to play.

Of course, what that really means is that they know their products will start breaking down within one year of purchase — built in obsolescence I guess. Mine have been replaced 3 times, Daughters been fixed twice. Theres is no display when laptop goes into windows. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? However, if you live in dv99330us US, you can use their Live Chat on their website to get them to dv99300us it up.

So, after doing the hibernation strategy for 2 months the thing will not restart normally at all.

I have the V and my wireless is gone and the light stays orange. I have my hp pavilion dv and yes, dont power up, no leds activity, nada.